Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lesson 13 -- May 20

Has it really been 13 lessons??? Wow.

Jacob was so so awesome today.

First, I printed out all these words and taped them on the wall in our basement.

Second, I told Jacob which word to go get.... and he had to go figure out which one it was.

So he was running and up and down the stairs A LOT.... lots of activity is great for his mind to open up.

He only got two wrong...... BIT (instead of BIG) and then another word I can't remember, but it was only one letter off. So he did great!

The best part is, he didn't get discouraged when he got those two words wrong. THIS IS GREAT!

Finally, when he brought a word upstairs, I had him make the word out of playdough. He loved that. His letters were pretty creative looking and had lots of personality.

With only 10 minutes left and about 8 words left, I had him bring up all the rest and HE had to sound each of them out to me. HE DID SO GREAT!!!!!!!! I was impressed!

We also made up a few sentences with the words, like: My dad is so big.... and I bit the fat cat.

Jacob is progressing well! His confidence is building and his ability to remember letter sounds is building as well.

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